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New Report

The May 2019 NCBC Access and Mobility Study is now available for download. 

NCBC Access and Mobility Study

Executive Summary

Don't have time to review the full report?  Download the executive summary!

Executive Summary

City of Gulfport Summary Recommendations

City of Long Beach Summary Recommendations

Hancock County Summary Recommendations

Harrison County Summary Recommendations

NCBC Gulfport Summary Recommendations

Other Summary Recommendations

Final Report

The final NCBC Gulfport + Special Areas Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) is complete and ready for download!

NCBC Gulfport + Special Areas Joint Land Use Study

Draft Report

The final draft of the NCBC Gulfport + Special Areas Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) is complete and ready for your review!


The Gulf Regional Planning Commission in cooperation with NCBC Gulfport and input from city and county officials, local residents, and key stakeholders has drafted the JLUS. The primary purpose of the JLUS is to encourage a team environment between NCBC Gulfport + Special Areas and the local jurisdictions. From there a relationship is formed providing the opportunity to work together to aid in reducing incompatible development while accommodating new growth and economic development.


In a continued effort for public input, the JLUS will be shared with the public for a 30-day comment period.  The comment period will open on Friday, June 23rd and close on July 21st. The public comment period has closed but the document is still available for download. 

Download the JLUS Report here.

Study Area Maps

Review the location, future land use, zoning, existing land use, and environmental maps to learn more about the 1-mile study area surrounding each facility.


Location Maps

NCBC Gulfport Location Exhibit
Woolmarket Location Exhibit
Western Maneuver Area (WMA) Exhibit
Future Land Use Maps

Mississippi State Statute requires each municipality to have a long-range comprehensive plan. The Future Land Use Map is a major component of the Plan - providing direction for future growth.

NCBC Gulfport Future Land Use Map
Woolmarket Future Land Use Map
WMA Future Land Use Map
SIA Future Land Use Map
Zoning Maps

Zoning maps are used to help implement the comprehensive 

plan and provide more detailed requirements regarding use, density, and design. 

NCBC Gulfport Zoning Map
Woolmarket Zoning Map
WMA Zoning Map
SIA Zoning Map
Existing Land Use Maps

Existing land use maps provide a current classification of what is on the ground today.

NCBC Gulfport Existing Land Use Map
Woolmarket Existing Land Use Map
WMA Existing Land Use Map
SIA Existing Land Use Map
Environmental Maps

The environmental maps depict natural features including flood zones, wetlands, waterbodies, and conservation areas.

NCBC Gulfport Environmental Map
Woolmarket Environmental Map
WMA Environmental  Map
SIA Environmental Map
Downloadable Fact Sheet​

Want to find out more information about the NCBC + Special Areas Joint Land Use Study? Download the fact sheet!

Joint Land Use Study Fact Sheet
Workshop Materials

Complete the questionnaire and email it to us

Gulfport Questionnaire
WMA Questionnaire
Woolmarket Questionnaire