A Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) is a collaborative study conducted by city and county officials, residents, and the military installation itself to identify compatible land uses and growth management guidelines near the installation. The process encourages the local community and installation to act as a team in order to prevent or curtail any encroachment issues caused by future mission expansion or local growth.


The JLUS is a 15-month process that will actively engage the local community, elected officials, stakeholders, and representatives of the military.

Get Involved

You play a crucial role in the drafting of the study. Your thoughts and ideas provide varying perspectives and differing opinions to ensure that the plan is well-rounded and encompassing of the community. 

The dates and times of the final workshops have been set. Go to the Participate tab to get the details!

The compatibility workshop dates have been set. Check the Participate tab to find out more.

The first round of community workshops were just completed! Click HERE to find out more about them and download any materials you may have missed!

Latest News

New Report Available! Please see the Documents Tab for the NCBC Access and Mobility Study.

Great news...The Harrison County Board of Supervisors, Hancock County Board of Supervisors, and Gulfport City Council voted on Monday (8/7) and Tuesday (8/8) to adopt the JLUS!

The Final JLUS is available for download.

The Policy Committee and Technical Advisory Committee voted yesterday (7/24) to Accept the JLUS Report. The next step is to bring it to the governing bodies for approval!​

The public comment period for the draft report has concluded. The final report will be presented to the governing bodies on August 7th and 8th. An opportunity for the public to provide any final comments will coincide with the governing body presentations. Dates and locations can be found on the Participate tab.

The Final Draft Report is online and ready for review!  Download it now!!

The JLUS team gave an update to Hancock and Harrison County Board of Supervisors, City of Long Beach Alderman, and City of Gulfport Council. Click here to find out more. 

New maps have been added!  Click here to learn more about the study areas!